“A century and a half of activity” for a modern terroir product

paysans noirmoutrins

The Co-operative has been working closely with traditional farmers for more than 65 years now, to offer consumers terroir products that are at the peak of their freshness.

Today, the Isle of Noirmoutier Agricultural Co-Operative counts 35 members, covering 380 hectares, and producing, on average, 11,000 tons per year to be dispatched throughout Europe.

The entire crop is washed, sorted and packaged on the island. During the early season, the co-operative markets 200 to 300 tons a day, in modern packaging formats ranging from 1 to 25 kg, to suit the needs of the buyer.

Members of the co-operative organise their production in compliance with strict specifications, from sowing to harvest, with the greatest possible respect for the environment. As guarantors of their quality and taste, their production is founded on these requirements.

Globalgap and Agri Confiance Certifications