Noirmoutier Island

The island’s micro-climate and exceptional exposure to sunshine, influenced by the Gulf Stream, make a powerful contribution to the quality of the potato.

The island is surrounded by the enclosed warm waters of the Bay of Bourgneuf, with all the advantages of a climate that is gentle and damp in winter, and dry and sunny in spring and summer.

The know how of the traditional grower, who digs up the potato tubers using a spade or fork, rests, in part, on a soil preparation technique that is typical of Noirmoutier : the ‘Billon’, which entails collecting the availablesoil into parallel mounds.


Lastly, the use of wrack – rich in minerals and substances which enhance growth, adds the character and fi nesse for which this potato is famous.
Herein lies the secret of the success of this most beautiful and tender culinary ingredient: the synergy of all these essential Noirmoutier elements. 
A quality soil enriched by the wrack, an exceptional micro-climate, the ambience of sea spray and a savoir-faire that is unique to the people of Noirmoutier – these are the elements that make this early potato the jewel in the crown of the island’s agriculture.