For the Bonnotte, the traditional farmers of Noirmoutier Island employ a unique technique that consists of forming parallel rows of earthen mounds 70-cm wide, called “billons”. This allows for the rapid warming and draining of the soil. It also provides the potatoes with maximum aeration.

The Bonnotte is harvested by hand during the first week of May, prior to maturation. Given its fragility and the fact that it remains attached to its stem, it requires gentler harvesting methods. Harvested, packaged and shipped the same day, the Bonnotte retains all its freshness at the point of sale.

Supervised production

The artisan farmers of Noirmoutier’s early potato are subject to very strict requirements.
Based upon traditional farming methods, as well as quality, safety and transparency standards, the quality specifications established by the growers’ co-op enjoy Agri Confiance certification, thereby guaranteeing top quality potatoes.

Environmental quality

The co-op has implemented technical means (weather stations, rigorous marketing procedures, etc.) providing it with expertise and specialized skills for which it is renowned in the agricultural world.

Global gap

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Agri Confiance